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Tree Risk Assessment


Tree hazards are structural defects that may result in a partial or total failure causing personal injury or property damage.  Even the healthiest trees can form a hazard if they interfere with other trees, homes, pools, utilities, roadways, walkways or obstruct motorist vision. As property owners, we have a legal obligation to periodically inspect our trees for unsafe conditions and to correct them or contact the proper authority.


When it comes to the trees on your property, how do you know whether your tree is hazardous or not?


You may want to have a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) arborist visit your property and conduct a risk assessment of your tree. A TRAQ arborist will combine their knowledge about tree biology and mechanics, tree inspection and assessment, data analysis, and risk categorization to provide the information necessary to for you to make informed decisions about caring for your trees and your property.


Risk Assessment Options:


There are three levels of assessment to choose from:


– Basic visual assessment

– Thorough inspection from the ground (using simple arboricultural tools)

– Aerial inspection that may or may not use additional, more sophisticated arboricultural tools (pull tests, sonic tomography etc.)


Our expert consultation will include a recommended course of action and care guidelines.


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